Jay Jackson
1500 Pacheco St.
Santa Fe NM, 87505

Mobile: 707-888-2051
Artist at Work……Golden Gate Park



I have followed in my my Mother’s path as an artist from early on, drawing cartoons and landscapes.  I have studied drawing at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and the San Francisco Art Institute. 

I have been inspired by Van Gogh paintings, notably the “Starry Night”, and by a series of four large paintings by Thomas Cole called the “Voyage of Life”.  These early exposures instilled an appreciation of artwork which told a story about life and emotions, they were more than a mere copying of nature. 

I mostly paint En Pleine Air as I try to create remembrances of places that I have visited and loved, with a focus on capturing a feeling about my landscapes.  I have lived in Santa Fe since 2013.  This has been a wonderful place to find subjects for my experiments. 

We have here unique light as well as indigenous plants and land formations. Over the years I have explored a wide variety of art forms including jewelry making, drawing and sculpture. My current focus is painting with oils on canvas.